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Don't Join UrbanCougar.com! It's a scam!

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On October 31, 2012
Last modified:November 16, 2012


Don't wate your time with UrbanCougar.com

We have done everything we could to hold back our real thoughts about some of these shitty Cougar dating sites. But for UrbanCougar.com, the gloves are coming off. This is – without a doubt – the biggest piece of shit in the Cougar dating industry. UrbanCougar.com should do the right thing and shutdown their website…IMMEDIATELY. We cannot provide you with advice on how to meet women on UrbanCougar.com because it’s IMPOSSIBLE. Absolutely 100% impossible. Don’t sign-up for the site, but read this review to understand why those operating the site are total pieces of shit…

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What’s Wrong With UrbanCougar.com?

Our problems with UrbanCougar.com began before we even created an account. Take a look at the main page of the site. What do you see? A banging hot brunette in sexy lingerie. What’s wrong with that? That chick is maybe 30 years old – if not in her 20’s. If you’re going to use hot chicks to lure men into signing up, at least choose a woman that’s actually a Cougar – not just some random hottie.

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There’s no point wasting time on UrbanCougar.com. Check out this top 5 list for legit singles dating sites!

Think we’re just nitpicking here? Fine, let’s continue. After we created our accounts, we discovered a member database that was almost non-existent other than a bunch of women that hadn’t logged in for a month. And even the non-active ladies were unattractive. The site is a total scam. You’ll be lucky if you can get any responses to your messages. But you sure as hell aren’t getting laid.

Rating UrbanCougar.com – An Honest Assessment of Our Results

  • Are there plenty of attractive women? No
  • Chances of getting laid? Not a chance in hell!
  • Email response rate? 1%
  • Recommended site? No

There were exactly ZERO opportunities to get a date. And it’s not like we had signed up for a membership in Podunk, Montana. We live in large towns. But still, only 1 woman so much as responded to our email. And this chick only had 1 picture in her profile. It was hard to tell if she was actually attractive or if she took a picture in the right lighting at the right angle.

UrbanCougar.com Review – Conclusion

UrbanCougar.com gets A LOT of males to sign-up. That’s good news for the few women that want to fuck a young stud. Bad news for us guys. It’s not even worth creating a free account on UrbanCougar.com. You’ll be wasting your precious time. Try out a REAL Cougar dating site such as CougarLife.com

Thanks for reading this UrbanCougar review. I hope it helps clarify that UrbanCougar.com is a total scam and is NOT a legit dating website and NOT for real! Check out these legit cougar dating sites instead of UrbanCougar.