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Don't Join OlderWomanDating.com! It's a scam!

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On October 31, 2012
Last modified:November 16, 2012


Don't wate your time with OlderWomanDating.com

They don’t even try. It’s like somebody created a Cougar dating site without any intention of making money. That’s how we view OlderWomenDating.com. The layout of the website is very amateurish. It feels like you’re on a cheesy Blog site. Why does this even matter? After all, the only thing that REALLY matters is meeting Cougars. True, but a lousy web design will attract the worst of the worst. Website design DOES matter in online dating. There’s a reason the best dating sites are also the ones that attract the best quality of members.

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What’s Wrong With OlderWomenDating.com?

We’ve already hit on the mediocre site design of OlderWomenDating.com. Now we’re going to touch on what we discovered inside the site. Let’s just say the only redeeming qualities of this website are the Blogs and Forums. And they’re only good for a few laughs every once in a while. There’s not a lot of good information and advice on meeting Cougars. Most of the advice is written by clueless dolts that clearly have never fucked a Cougar.

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There’s no point wasting time on CougarDating.com. Check out this top 5 list for legit singles dating sites!

As for the OlderWomenDating.com ladies, well, you’re in for a treat…if you like obese women! And, no, we’re not talking about women with curves or a few extra pounds. Many guys are into those kind of chicks. We’re talking about women so large we’re not even sure how they’re physically able to sit up straight. These older women are all over OlderWomenDating.com.

Rating OlderWomenDating.com – An Honest Assessment of Our Results

  • Are there plenty of attractive women? No
  • Chances of getting laid? ZERO
  • Email response rate? 5%
  • Recommended site? No

We made it to exactly 100 introduction emails sent out. Then we quit. Just 5 women replied to our messages. That’s pathetic considering we sent out 100 messages. 50% is the bare minimum we find acceptable. So 5% was obviously rather frustrating to us. None of the women that actually did reply were worth going on a date with. They were uninteresting and only mildly attractive. However, by OlderWomenDating.com standards, they were hotties!

OlderWomenDating.com Review – Conclusion

Men end up on the short end of the stick on OlderWomenDating.com. This is a site clearly catered towards the women. Unfortunately, they don’t bring in the good looking chicks. If you’re a woman and want to meet an average guy, you’ll probably meet him on OlderWomenDating.com. But if you’re a guy that wants to meet an attractive woman, you better look elsewhere. CougarLife.com, CougarClub.com (by Xpress), and CougarDateLink.com, to be specific.

Thanks for reading this OlderWomenDating review. I hope it helps clarify that OlderWomenDating.com is a total scam and is NOT a legit dating website and NOT for real! Check out these legit cougar dating sites instead of OlderWomenDating.