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3-month pre-paid membership costs just $29 per month

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On October 31, 2012
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Cougar Life is the good life. And at, you can live the good life. All you have to do is meet one (or more) of the attractive Cougars on this site. We lived the Cougar life for a few months and have no regrets. The experience was fantastic. The women we met were awesome (and HOT!). And we’ll definitely be back for seconds. To get the scoop on what makes such a great Cougar dating site and for some pointers on how to achieve the same success we had on this site, read this extensive review.

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top cougar dating website Advantages & Differentiators

Most Cougar dating sites are complete garbage. In fact, there are only 3 non-scam sites. is one of the few. The biggest advantage is the ability to actually get laid, unlike on most sites. The other major advantage is the women are very attractive…and real. We didn’t encounter a bunch of fake profiles, hookers, or scam artists. We actually got laid.

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Try Our #2 Recommended Cougar Dating Site: Dating Features Review

There are tons of awesome features on They all play their own role in helping members meet someone. This is not a cheesy dating site. Our favorite features include the advanced search feature which enables you to search for the specific type of woman you’re looking for. Also, we like the fact that allows members to see when a new member signs up straight from their dashboard. Membership Pricing Review is not only a great Cougar dating site, it’s also affordable for nearly any budget. A monthly membership is just $40, but if you pay for more than 1 month at a time, the price per month decreases significantly. A 3-month pre-paid membership costs just $29 per month. You can’t beat that price and you can’t beat the value.

What NOT To Do on

Mistakes to Avoid Making on

  1. Not making it clear who you’re looking for. There are a ton of different types of Cougars on Do you prefer an attached woman, divorced woman, or a single mother? Make that clear in your profile.
  2. Avoiding the 5’s and 6’s. We all want to hookup with perfect 10’s. But you can’t expect to find one. Sure, there are plenty of 7’s, 8’s, and 9’s. But you’re more likely to get laid early on if you’re willing to hookup with a cute woman that’s a 5 or a 6.

Meeting Cougars on Tips for Accelerated Dating

Getting off to a fast start on a dating site is always nice, but never guaranteed. Being located near a major metropolitan area certainly helps. If not, we’d suggest expanding your horizons and traveling a bit to meet a woman. Don’t let this discourage you if you don’t live close to a major city. You can still find someone great on But those located near a major city are at a major advantage in terms of finding someone quickly. Scam Rumors – Is a Scam?

Those that criticize and call it a scam are complete morons that don’t know a damn thing about this site. For the record, we do NOT work for – or any other dating site. Our denial of this site being a scam comes from our personal experience on There were no scam artists and the site is completely legit – GUARANTEED. Review – Conclusion

To conclude this review, we would like to mention that ALL members of our dating site review team had sex with AT LEAST 1 attractive Cougar met through If you want to find a better place to meet Cougars, you’ll have a hard time – online or offline. There are dozens of attractive Cougars in every major market. We banged some hotties. Now it’s your turn!

Thanks for reading this Cougar Life review. I hope it helps clarify that is a not a scam and is a legit cougar online dating website and definitely the real deal!