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Don't Join! It's a scam!

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On October 31, 2012
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Don't wate your time or money on

If not getting laid and chatting with fat nasty women that have not aged well is your thing, is perfect for you! But for the rest of you (so, the sane guys out there), you shouldn’t come within an inch of that horrible website. is a cold sore on the Cougar dating website community. There are many reasons it’s a piece of shit site. We could probably write an entire book explaining the problems we had with Instead, we’ll just stick to this review.

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What’s Wrong With

For starters, we had one hell of a time trying to find decent women that were real. Sure, there were a shit ton of hot women, but we knew they were all fake profiles. To find the legitimate, attractive women, we had to search and search. And once we found them, we realized most of them hadn’t even logged into the previous week. What’s the point of contacting women that never sign on to the site? It’s not like we would have gotten many replies.

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Rating – An Honest Assessment of Our Results

  • Are there plenty of attractive women? No
  • Chances of getting laid? Slim
  • Email response rate? 8%
  • Recommended site? No

We sent out approximately 100 emails to different women (only in big cities, by the way) and there really was no point to it. Only 8 women were kind enough to respond, which doesn’t surprise us considering there aren’t many women that are active on in the first place.

The 8 women that did respond weren’t much to look at…or talk to. The conversations never went anywhere because we got bored. They had nothing to say. It doesn’t make sense that women that lack decent looks wouldn’t at least try to make up for it with personality. Heck, a few of them had some pretty hot bodies. We would have gladly put a paper bag over their head. Review – Conclusion

The only good thing about is also a bad thing – the site is free. That’s all fine and dandy, but you get what you (don’t) pay for. It’s a cornucopia of disgusting, unintelligent, and miserable older women. They are not MILF’s. They’re women so desperate to get laid, yet they are aren’t willing to put any effort into finding a man.

Thanks for reading this CougarEd review. I hope it helps clarify that is a total scam and is NOT a legit dating website and NOT for real! Check out these legit cougar dating sites instead of CougarEd