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On October 31, 2012
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Our #1 Favorite Site. CougarClub is by the best new cougardating site we tested!

If you’ve visited and are wondering why we have included this in our Cougar site reviews – read on. It’s part of the network, and the biggest cougar dating site online. Yes, we realize that isn’t specifically a Cougar dating site. There are women of all ages on this site. But for some reason, Cougars flock to Therefore, we figured we should sign-up and see if our readers would find what they’re looking for. After careful review, we’ve come to the conclusion that actually is one of the best places to meet and hookup with a Cougar.

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Cougar Club (by Advantages & Differentiators

The difference between and the other sites we reviewed is this isn’t just a Cougar site. But we found out that because this isn’t a Cougar site, men seeking older women are at a serious ADVANTAGE. How many guys your age do you think chase older women? Far fewer than those that go after women their own age. So the biggest advantage to chasing Cougars on is you’ll have far less competition than other sites.

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Try Our #1 Recommended Cougar Dating Site: CougarClub (by Xpress)

Cougar Club Dating Features Review

There are at least a dozen features of that we could speak highly of. But we’ll stick to a few of the best, and most valuable. With your membership, you will benefit greatly from these 2 features…

  • CougarTV – Their video version of online dating advice and how to attract members of the opposite sex.
  • Forced Profile Pictures – Get tired of seeing profiles without pics? We do too! You won’t have to deal with that nonsense on Everyone MUST have a photo.

Cougar Club Membership Pricing Review

We can’t complain about the pricing on because it’s well within most budgets. A Standard Plan costs just $24.99 for one-month. You can save some monthly by purchasing a 3-month ($39.99) or 6-month ($59.94) membership. We recommend you purchase 3-6 months up front so that you save some money if you want to continue using the site.

What NOT To Do on Cougar Club

Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid Making on

  1. Going after younger women. We’re not saying there aren’t any great 20-something women on But they can’t compare to the Cougars!
  2. Trying to be yourself. Save your honesty for your serious relationships. You’re in your 20’s and probably not really as mature as a Cougar wants you to be. So act mature around her and prove it in your profile.
  3. Creating a terrible profile. Your profile is your main selling point on Create a lousy one and you’re selling a lousy product (you).

Meeting Cougars on Cougar Club: Tips for Accelerated Dating

Everything on starts with your profile. We worked extra hard to create killer content for our profiles on this site. It paid off in dividends. Cougars went crazy for our profile. It made our life much easier because women were contacting us, as opposed to us making the first move.

Cougar Club Scam Rumors – Is Cougar Club a Scam?

We read some reviews that is a scam. These were mostly from whiny members that don’t know a damn thing about online dating. is NOT a scam. Far from it. We know this because we had NO problem meeting attractive women on this site and having sex with them.

Cougar Club Review – Conclusion

Without a doubt, is one of the best places to meet an attractive Cougar. 40+ year old women on this site are looking for sex. They’re not looking to go back and forth emailing for weeks. They want a guy that’s ready to meet and ready to hookup. That’s one of the main reasons we love so much.

Thanks for reading this Cougar Club review. I hope it helps clarify that CougarClub is a not a scam and is a legit cougar online dating website and definitely the real deal!