The 3 Cougar Chat Commandments: Break Any One of These and You’re GUARANTEED to Fail

Break these 3 rules, and you won’t get laid. That much we can promise you!

I’m sure you’re familiar with the Ten Commandments. Those don’t really matter when it comes to Cougar Hunting. The only commandments you should familiarize yourself with right now are the 3 Cougar Communication Commandments listed below. Every guy that wants to bang a Cougar MUST know them. If you don’t or if you fail to follow them, there’s NO WAY in hell you will get laid. These 3 commandments are based on rules for flirting with older women, how to treat a Cougar, and flirting with a Cougar.

Rule #1: Learn to Listen and Focus on the Cougar

The most important part of flirting is listening. You can’t come up with something witty to say to her if you don’t pay attention to what she says first. Listen to everything she says. Soak it in. Remember it. Store this information in the back of your brain. Use this information when deciding what to say to her. Women desire men that pay attention to them. If you’re not listening to what she says, she’ll know and will become irritated by your presence. Now you know the most important part of how to flirt with a Cougar.

Rule #2: Spend Time Chatting on the Phone With Her First

Don’t ask her to meet you for drinks before chatting with her over the phone first. Older women have major trust issues because they’ve been through so many rough relationships. You have to earn her trust before she’ll go on a date with you. By talking to her over the phone a couple of times, she’ll feel more comfortable. Just hearing your voice will help ease her anxiety.

You do have to be a bit careful with Rule #2. Don’t spend too much time talking to her over the phone. One or two short conversations are plenty. Any more than that and you’ll run the risk of her losing interest in you as a sexual partner. Plus, you’re taking time away from when you could be having sex with her.

Rule #3: Boss Her Around…A Little Bit

Women love being bossed around a bit. Cougars are no exception. Women tend to be submissive and desire a man that is dominant and aggressive. By bossing her around, you’re showing her that you have a dominant trait. This is sexy. Don’t get carried away with this and start yelling at her to take out the trash, cook you dinner, or bring you a beer. Instead, before going out on your first date, tell her that you want her to wear a tight dress or whatever type of outfit would turn you on. She’ll try her best to find the sexiest outfit she can find just to impress you.

Some Rules Are Meant to Be Broken?

Familiar with this saying? When it comes to Cougar hunting, this saying does NOT apply…PERIOD! Never, and I repeat, NEVER disobey ANY of these 3 Cougar Communication Commandments. There’s no doubt in my mind that if you do disobey them, you won’t get laid. And if you follow them, you’ll keep yourself in her good graces.