The First Email: 3 Tested Emails that Will Guarantee You an 85% Response Rate

cougar being aggressive

To get her to do this, you need to send the right first email!

The toughest obstacle you’re going to face is getting a woman to respond to your cougar dating intro email. Everything after that is simple in comparison. Once you get her attention, all you have to do is put on a little charm to get her in bed. Before you can attempt to charm her, you must actually get her attention. It all starts with a first dating email that makes her say, “I could totally see myself fucking this dude!”

Before I began hooking up with cougars, I used some regular hookup sites to meet women of all ages. I had some pretty good success at it, so I figured I would use the same email templates on Cougar dating sites. That was a bad idea. Cougars are different than 20-something chicks. They’re more mature and looking for a different type of guy. That meant I had to change up my emailing strategy. I went for the more mature, edgy style in my messages. I was even more mature with my humorous comments.

Your email should be humorous, mature, and a bit of a challenge. Make her think. For example, ask her a silly question such as “which do you prefer? Merlot or Chardonnay?” You’re just trying to open up a dialogue with her. Older women LOVE fine whines so this is a question that would interest her. Make sure you take a stance on the issue. Lastly, keep the emails as short as possible without being TOO short. Keep it simple and to the point.

3 Emails We Tested More than 100 Times: The Results Were an 85% Response Rate

Email #1

“I’m done dating 20-something women. I need a woman that knows herself, her body, and her mind. I just can’t find women my age that do. I read your profile. I laughed hysterically when you cracked on the immature men you’ve dated. And I’m here to tell you that I’m far from the type of man you’re used to. I’ll put the toilet seat down, take out the trash, and hold a door for you. And I’ll do it with a smile on my face! Oh, and completely random question here…would you rather get caught having sex by your parents or catch your parents having sex?”

Email #2

“I read through your profile and I am curious about one thing. You’re very beautiful, by the way.  Anyway, I noticed that you’re not too fond of 20-something guys. While I don’t consider myself your average 20-something (that’s why I’m after more mature women), but I wonder if the guys my age don’t do it for you because of their maturity level, or if they just plain suck in bed. I’m probably more experienced in the bedroom than most guys my age. I think you’ll figure that out quite quickly!”

Email #3

“This site sucks, my life sucks, women suck, the world sucks, my parents suck. Want to have sex!? Oh, that doesn’t impress you? Then I guess I’ll just have to try a different strategy than most of the other Men on this site. So I’ll keep this positive because, well…I’m a positive kind of guy. Yes, I’m in my 20’s. And, yes, I know you don’t want a man that acts like the 20-somethings you dated back in the day (see, I read your profile!). I’m not like the guys you used to date when you were my age. I’m a giver AND a receiver. Not just the latter. And I don’t receive until I’ve given. Like what you hear? Then how’s about going out for a cup of coffee something this weekend? I’ll admit it – I’m completely addicted to Starbuck’s!”