Spotting the Easy Lays Vs. The Ones That Are Just There to Get an “Ego Boost”

cougar pic in parc

Spotting the “easy ones” is a core strategy to weed out the undesirables.

Chasing cougars online is a lot of fun. But there’s one thing about it that drives me insane. Regardless of the site you sign-up for, there are women that are basically just fucking around. They have no real intention of hooking up. They want to boost their ego by getting a gazillion dudes to contact them and tell them how beautiful and sexy they are. It’s an ego trip. And you know how some women are – they are total attention whores.

Fortunately, not every woman on these sites is just looking for some attention. There actually are plenty of women truly seeking a boy toy. When searching for women online, you should go after the easy lays instead of the ego tripping, attention whoring bitches. One of the biggest mistakes I made early on in my online dating life was to go after anyone I found attractive online.

That was a bad idea because I ended up wasting my time trying to set up dates with women that had no interest in actually meeting someone or having sex soon after meeting. Instead, I should have been spending my time going after the women that were easy and wanted to get together right away.

Spotting Easy Cougars is a Skill I Have Perfected

After spending some time online, I became good at spotting the hot Cougars that are easy. I don’t even think twice when I see a profile anymore. I know right away whether or not I should contact her. If she mentions these things in her profile, I know to stay away…

  • Wants to be pampered: These are crazy Cougars that are needy, greedy, and digging for gold.
  • Says she doesn’t get enough attention from men: She signed up, hoping men will shower her with compliments.
  • Brags about herself too much: Women that talk a lot about how hot they are or how amazing they are, generally are high maintenance. She knows she’s hot and so she’s going to be VERY picky…if she finds someone worthy enough at all.

Now that you know who to stay away from, let’s focus on the women you should go after. The following types of women – in most cases – in desperate search of some good sex as soon as possible…

  • Has recently logged in: A good sign that she’s actually looking to meet someone is if she’s logged into the dating site within the past few days. It’s an even better sign if she’s been a member for a few months (minimum) and has logged in recently.
  • She mentions in her profile that she wants to “relive” her youth: She’s probably gone through crummy marriages where the sex sucks and now she wants a younger, mature guy to give her the dick she’s always craved.
  • She’s married: A married woman that’s brave enough to sign-up for a dating site is DESPERATE for sex. She wouldn’t be signing up for a dating site if her husband kept her happy in the bedroom.
  • She’s very open sexually: She’s horny and she’s not afraid of letting the world know about it. This is a good sign because it shows she clearly wants to get laid quickly. Why else would she mention her sexual desires so openly?