Cougar Dating Profile: Tested Profile Methods to Pull Cougars FAST

These profile tips will have you pulling cougars in no time!

After you’re done reading this guide, you’ll probably want to get laid as soon as possible. When we first started Cougar hunting online, the last thing we wanted to do was play around on these sites waiting months to meet women. At first, we had some problems getting laid quickly. We made the mistake of going after the wrong women (more on this later). We went after women that clearly weren’t going to be putting out right away.

There’s nothing wrong with waiting for sex. In fact, you most certainly can go after women that are more of a challenge. But for those of you wanting to hookup quickly, this article is for you. There are a number of ways to get laid almost instantly upon signing up, but the most important strategy is to cater your profile towards women that are the easiest.

How do you even know who the easy women on the site are? Well, you can’t know just from searching through the profiles. However, if you strategically write your profile in a manner that says “come to me easy women!” they’ll find you. Before I teach you how to write it so easy women come after you, we must first discover the type of women that are easy.

Signs of an Easy Cougar

Women don’t walk around with signs attached to them that say “I’m easy, come fuck me”. It would be nice if they did. But then again, you’d have a lot of competition. After reading this article, you’ll have an edge over the other men online. You’ll know how to spot an easy Cougar, which most guys are unable to do. Who are the easy Cougars?

  • Recently divorced/just broke-up with their boyfriend – She needs to get her mind off of the ex and having some harmless sex will do that.
  • Wants to get back at her boyfriend – Her boyfriend cheated or just plain pissed her off and now she’s going to have random sex to get back at him for it.
  • Dresses like a total slut – Yes, I realize that not every woman that dresses slutty is easy. But, truthfully, most are. They don’t dress in extra skimpy outfits because they’re not looking for the cock…

Knowing the type of women that are easy will help you write your profile accordingly. The content should be written in a manner that catches the eyes of an easy Cougar. It’s not easy to do. It requires a bit of creativity. But it’s certainly possible to make your profile stand out to these types of women. All you need to do is follow this advice…

The Type of Man You Should Portray Yourself as on a Cougar Dating Site Profile

Before you start typing up your profile, the first thing you must do is determine who you are. No, not the REAL you – unless the real you is a slick, confident, bad boy. I’m not going to lie to you – looks do matter to Cougars. They matter more to Cougars than 20-somethings. Cougars are very visual. They don’t just want any random slob.

Don’t worry if you know you’re not the best looking guy. Most Cougars are just looking for a man that is presentable and looks mature and sexy. You can EASILY turn yourself into a good looking guy simply by wearing nice clothes, getting a nice haircut and getting into shape if you’re overweight. Your profile pictures should show off a little muscle (if you have it). Focus on your positive physical traits and wear a stylish outfit in your pictures. This is VERY important.

I don’t really care what type of person you REALLY are. That’s completely irrelevant when attracting Cougars. You MUST become a strong, confident, mature, and SEXY guy online. She has a fantasy of reliving her 20’s without sleeping with the same immature men she slept with back when she was in her 20’s. You’re the guy that’s going to play that role. Well, you won’t be that guy if you’re unable to pull this character off in your profile – so use this well in when you sign up for a cougar dating site!

What to Say in Your Profile – Attention Grabbing Dating Profile Examples that Cougars Go Crazy For

The picture is only part of creating a killer profile. The content is even more important. You must be creative, confident, and stern. It should be written specifically for the type of Cougar you want to attract. Since we’re talking about attracting easy women in this article, that’s what I’m going to focus on. But first, here’s a small list of things to avoid in your content…

  • Wishy-washy comments – Make it clear who you are and what you’re looking for.
  • I’m seeking an older woman” – This makes you sound crass. Instead, say that you can’t connect on a maturity level with women your age.
  • Bad grammar, misspelled words – These are older, wiser women. They are looking for an intelligent man.

Play off that you’re a “bad boy” that has sex appeal, maturity, and confidence. Mix in some humor to show women you have a great personality. I also like to show women that I’m an outdoorsy guy because Cougars dig the grungy type. Here are some examples of profile descriptions I’ve had success with…

“I like to test my limits. Skydiving, bungee jumping, and mountain climbing are 3 of my favorite activities because they will get my heart pumping and I LOVE heights. It’s hard to find women my age that can keep up with me – in and out of the bedroom. If you’re reading this and are an adventure seeker that doesn’t mind getting down and dirty, I’m quite confident I can show you a good time!

Negative, immature, selfish women need not apply! I’ve given up trying to meet women my age that I can relate to. I’m looking for someone a bit more mature. Someone that likes to have fun, get down and dirty, and please each other. It’s all about enjoying each other, giving each other MAXIMUM pleasure, and having a good time. I can make you laugh, I can make you scream, and then I can make you want to come back for more. Mature, attractive women – hit that ‘Contact Me’ button!”