Meeting Cougars: Bars Vs. Dating Sites? What’s Better?

drunk cougar

Stick to online. Cougars don’t behave in bars. It gets old, quick!

When I first started chasing Cougars, I went to an Over-30 club in town. There were tons of horny women. Some of them had a thing for younger men, which is why 20-somethings such as myself got liquored up and danced at this club on the weekends. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good time. But to be honest, it just wasn’t a great place to meet women.

Meeting cougars in bars can be fun but the women are mediocre, drunk, and typically not looking for a long-term sexual relationship. They just want to go out, get liquored up and have a one-night stand with a random younger guy. That’s all fine and dandy unless you want a regular fuck buddy and a woman that actually looks good without having to drink a case of Busch Light beforehand.

Meet Cougars Online and Meet Better Women

Trying to figure out where to meet cougars can be frustrating. There really aren’t many options. It’s either bars or online. We can assure you that, by far, the best place to meet a Cougar is online. And it’s not even close. There are more attractive women and women that are looking for an ongoing sexual relationship – not a one-night stand.

It’s also easier to pickup and attract Cougars online. You don’t have to have mad game to get women online. Nor do you have to be a body language expert to pick up on her signs of interest or give off your own. Chatting with women online is less stressful. You don’t have to think on the spot. You can take your time to come up with an answer to her questions. You can’t do that offline or she won’t be impressed with you.

The Best Cougar Dating Sites

We reviewed all of the top Cougar dating sites. What we learned is there are only 3 reliable ones. The rest are total scams and wastes of money. If you sign-up for ANY Cougar dating site that we don’t recommend, we guarantee you will be throwing your money away – at best. The 3 highly recommended dating sites that we reviewed are as follows…

Many guys make the mistake of signing up for a site such as, hoping Cougars will be looking for someone like them. They won’t be. Women on are looking for a long-term relationship, generally with someone their own age. They have no interest in only a fuck buddy and rarely go for much younger men. Even though we think is a great dating site, it’s not the place to be for Cougar hunters. The reason we recommend the above Cougar dating sites is because there are tons of hot Cougars, women looking for an ongoing sex partner, and tons of EASY women.