What Are Cougars Looking for in a Man? Probably NOT What You Expected

hot cougar pouring teaEveryone has a “type” of partner they’re looking for. That type differs from person to person. So before I go into what Cougars are looking for, you need to understand that not every woman is the same. With that said, there are certain qualities EVERY Cougar looks for in a man. The most common qualities they look for in a man are as follows

Available when she needs it: If you’re going to have a regular sexual relationship with a Cougar, you need to be available to put out on her schedule – not yours. Many Cougars have kids and possibly even a husband. Chances are your schedule is more open than hers. So you have to adjust to the times she’s available for sex, or she’ll ditch you right away.

Decent looking: Every guy is capable of looking good enough. Getting in shape (not buff), cleaning up your skin, getting the right haircut, and wearing nice clothes can make any guy look decent. Having good personal hygiene is a MUST. No woman wants to fuck a dirty, smelly guy.

Mature and classy: I realize it’s hard to comprehend why a Cougar just looking for some dirty, hardcore sex gives a damn about the maturity of her partner, but she does. Back when these Cougars were your age, they hooked up with a bunch of immature guys. They want to relive their 20’s, but this time with someone more mature. Your role in the Cougar equation is to be the classy, mature guy that’s damn good in the sack. Which brings me to my next desired trait…

Good in bed: If you’re inexperienced sexually, watch some porn. But instead of jacking off to it, pay close attention to what the guy is actually doing to the woman. NEVER tell her that you’re inexperienced in bed or she won’t sleep with you. If you have to rub a few off on some nasty Cougars for practice, do so. And make sure you focus on learning how to PLEASE a woman. If you can’t make her cum on the first try, she’ll probably never have sex with you again. Cougars expect lots of GOOD sex. When they get it, they’ll give you even more in return.

A Cougar is Looking for Her Own Personal Boy Toy

That’s really what she needs and desires. She wants a younger, mature, attractive guy that she can use to fulfill her sexual desires. She will consider you her own personal “boy toy” as long as you keep her satisfied. It’s not as easy to satisfy a Cougar as it is a younger woman. Cougars have been around the block. They know what they’re into and they expect a man to really know what he’s doing in the bedroom.

A younger woman hasn’t experienced as much sexually. 20-something women are still trying to figure themselves out sexually. Many Cougars have spent the past 15 years not being pleasured sexually. That means if you can’t give her the sex she needs, she won’t keep you around.

You should focus on becoming the type of man a Cougar wants, based on the above traits. Read articles about how to be a good lover, work on your personal hygiene, get in shape, and act mature around her. If you do those things, you’ll be a desired boy toy for a HOT Cougar.