Cougar Psychology 101: What are Cougars Looking for and Why?

Alright, students, class is now in session! Get out your pens and paper out and take some notes, because you’re about to learn something very important – why cougars want to sleep with younger men. Forget chemistry, biology, American history, and calculus. What you really need to know is Cougar Psychology. In this class lesson we’re going to teach you…

  1. Why Cougars desire sex with younger men
  2. What type of younger men Cougars are attracted to
  3. What Cougars are looking for
  4. How to leverage your knowledge of Cougar psychology to get in her pants

Understanding Cougars – Why Cougars Like Younger Men

cougar red top

If you know how cougars THINK, you can get them into bed easily.

Everyone hates getting old. Once we reach our early 30’s, we begin wishing we were still in our 20’s. And then once we reach our 40’s, we wish we could go back to our 30’s. Aging is part of life. Some people deal with it better than others. Truthfully, a Cougar doesn’t deal with aging very well. They are in their late 30’s or 40’s and hate the fact that they’re no longer 25.

Cougars know they’re nearing the end of their sexual prime. Sure, people still have sex into their 50’s (and even 60’s and 70’s sometimes), but the good sex only lasts through your 40’s. So they are looking for good sex as quickly as possible, for as long as possible (until it’s no longer quite as enjoyable). The thought of being with a younger man makes an older woman feel younger. Remember what I said about the dislike women have of aging? This is her last chance to feel young. By sleeping with a man her age, she won’t feel young.

What Cougars Are REALLY Looking For

Everyone has a fantasy. For Cougars, that fantasy is to have sex with and/or a relationship with a younger man. Most Cougars are recently divorced and trying to relive their 20’s. 20-somethings have a lot more fun and live more carefree than older adults. Therefore, a Cougar is looking for a guy that is fun and has an outgoing personality.

Many Cougars have children and potentially some baggage. Their schedules are often very different than the younger women you might be accustomed to meeting. They can’t go out to bars on Friday nights as frequently as women are age, so she’ll be looking for a guy that can adapt to HER schedule. She also wants a guy that can please her in the bedroom. Her sexual peak is coming to an end, so guys that won’t be available when she needs it and don’t know how to please a woman will be left in the cold by Cougars.

Leveraging Your Understanding of Cougars to Get Laid Regularly

Now that you understand a Cougar and what a Cougar is looking for, let’s discuss how you can use that knowledge to your advantage. Continue reading this Cougar dating guide for more in-depth advice on this subject, but for now I’m going to tell you something very important. Something you CANNOT afford to forget. If you learn nothing else from this website, make sure you understand that EVERY guy that has ever banged a hot Cougar has been able to convince a Cougar that he is attractive, fun, willing to please, and outgoing.

It all starts with your dating site profile. Post your best pic and write some witty content to hook her. Once you chat with her, it’s very important to prove to her that you’re a genuinely good dude with a fun personality. And make sure you stress that you love to give as much as you love to receive.