How to Date a Cougar: Follow This Advice and You Can Have a Cougar in Bed By the End of Next Week!

Getting a HOT Cougar in bed is not so easy. Well, it is for those that haven’t read and followed our Cougar Dating Advice Guide. It takes a bit of skill, knowledge of Cougar / MILF psychology, and a charming personality. You don’t have to be the hottest guy around or the wealthiest to bang a Cougar. In fact, many average/below average guys hookup with some very attractive older women because they know how to impress them.

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Cougar Dating: Easy As Hell! Just Follow The Guide!

We aren’t going to lie to you – most guys fail to score with a Cougar even after reading our guide. The reason for that is we know that most will read our Cougar dating tips and then not even bother to follow the advice. Some of our strategies seem a bit silly. You may even read through the guide and assume our advice can’t possibly work. If we were new to the Cougar dating game and stumbled across this website, that’s exactly what we would have thought. But now that we’ve tried and tested the strategies we teach in our guide, we are 100% confident ANYONE can bang an attractive Cougar if they follow our advice.

Understanding “The Cougar”: Know Your Target For Maximum Effectiveness
Everyone has a fantasy. For Cougars, that fantasy is to have sex with and/or a relationship with a younger man. Most Cougars are recently divorced and trying to relive their 20’s. 20-somethings have a lot more fun and live more carefree than older adults. Therefore, a Cougar is looking for a guy that is fun and has an outgoing personality. Learn all about mow cougars think here!
What Cougars Look For In Men: The Cougar Selection Secrets
Everyone has a “type” of partner they’re looking for. That type differs from person to person. So before I go into what Cougars are looking for, you need to understand that not every woman is the same. With that said, there are certain qualities EVERY Cougar looks for in a man. The most common qualities they look for in a man are outlined here.
Where To Meeting Cougars: The Cougar Websites VS Bar SHOWDOWN
Trying to figure out where to meet Cougars can be frustrating. There really aren’t many options. Find out why it’s easier to use cougar dating sites instead of wasting time in bars.
Your Dating Profile: What To Say, How To Say It & Why!
Learn what to write in your dating profile to maximize replies form the women you contact. Your profile is a large part of being successful, so make sure you get it right.
Gaming Cougar Sites: Loopholes Of Big Cougar Dating Sites
Learn the loopholes of all the best cougar dating sites, and learn how to show up at the top of search results every single day in your area!
Spotting Easy Cougars: How You Can Get Laid Quick!
Learn to spot the easiest lays on cougar dating sites, and weed out the fakers and women that simply jerk you around.
Cougar Dating: The First (KILLER) Emails That Get Replies
We tested multiple email types to find out which ones get the best response rate from women on cougar dating sites.
The Cougar Communication Commandments: What NOT To Do
Avoid making these common cougar dating mistakes, and drastically increase your chances of getting into her bed!


Why are we so confident? Because it’s worked for us MANY times. Everything you will learn is a PROVEN technique. If you read the guide and don’t get laid, you’re doing something wrong. Unlike most Cougar dating guides online, ours was actually written by those that have slept with hot older women online.

How to Date a Cougar: The Guide To Acting Out Your Most Intimate Fantasy

Ever since the movie American Pie came out many years ago, every 20-something dude has fantasized about banging a hot older woman. Stiffler’s Mom may not be attainable, but you can bet your ass women just like her – well, much hotter ones – are. This isn’t a movie and you’re not The Shermanator, but there really are MILF’s out there that want to sleep with a younger man. It’s up to you to prove to them that you’re worth their time. How do you pull that off? It’s simple – get inside their heads and be the type of Cougar Hunter we advise in our Cougar dating guide.

How to Date a Cougar: Learning How to Attract and Hunt Cougars

We’ve spent this article telling you about this Cougar dating guide we wrote. But we still haven’t explained specifically what’s in the guide. So what is in it? Everything you need to know about where to find attractive Cougars (the best Cougar dating sites), creating a KILLER online dating profile that attracts the best looking women, Cougar psychology, how to meet and hookup with a Cougar, spotting the easiest Cougars, and gaming the Cougar dating sites to maximize your results.

Attracting a Cougar is darn near impossible if you don’t understand the mindset of a Cougar – who she is, what she wants, what turns her on, etc. This guide will give you an in-depth understanding of why Cougars want to act like sluts without being treated like one. You will also learn why Cougars don’t hang out in bars as much as you think and why they prefer online dating sites to meet younger men (hint: no alcohol is involved). Cougars are a lot of fun to sleep with. They’re great in the sack and LOVE to please (and be pleased). But you must learn the secrets to attracting them and keeping them happy. So don’t waste another minute and read through this guide on how to date a cougar.