Best Cougar Dating Sites: The ONLY 3 Good Ones (Everything Else is a Scam Designed to Steal Your Money)

Perhaps the most difficult challenge of hooking up with a Cougar is actually finding one that’s on the prowl. You can always try the bar scene. Some towns even have “Over-30” bars where Cougars often go to drink, dance, and hookup. But they’re usually just looking for a one-night stand and/or are not very attractive. The attractive women looking for a regular sex partner use cougar online dating sites to search for men.

The ONLY 3 Cougar Dating Sites Worth Joining – These Cougar Dating Sites Made Our “BEST SITES” List & Are 100% Legit.

These are our best cougar sites selected. They are the top cougar dating websites online. Our results on these best cougar sites show that they are great websites to use for meeting cougars online!

Cougar Dating Site Rating Our Ranking Emails Sent Replies Gotten Dates Setup Dates Showed Up Read Full Review Visit Website
cougarclub review small logo image #1 250 151 37 24 Full Review Visit Website
cougarlife review small logo image #2 250 114 22 20 Full Review Visit Website
cougardatelink review small logo image #3 250 98 17 14 Full Review Visit Website


We recommend you not not join the cougar dating sites listed below. Don’t bother with these scam cougar online dating websites!

Cougar Dating Site Rating Our Ranking Emails Sent Replies Gotten Dates Setup Dates Showed Up Read Full Review
cougared review small logo image SCAM SITE 250 80 4 1 Full Review
gocougar review small logo image SCAM SITE 250 76 2 0 Full Review
urbancougar review small logo image SCAM SITE 250 69 1 0 Full Review
cougar911 review small logo image SCAM SITE 250 64 1 0 Full Review
cougardating review small logo image SCAM SITE 250 59 0 0 Full Review
olderwomandating review small logo image SCAM SITE 250 49 0 0 Full Review
cougarlure review small logo image SCAM SITE 250 42 0 0 Full Review
cougardate review small logo image SCAM SITE 250 28 0 0 Full Review


Although the Internet is, far and away, the best place to meet a Cougar, if you’re not aware of the best Cougar dating sites, you’ll never get laid. Or you’ll never meet a decent woman. The fact of the matter is there are many Cougar dating sites – more than 50 – but only 3 of them are legit. The rest are Cougar dating scams and complete wastes of money.

Our website was not only intended to give you advice on how to attract Cougars. It was also built to help you find the right place to meet Cougars. After careful review and research of the 12 most popular Cougar dating sites, we have come to the absolute conclusion that only these ones are worth the (affordable) monthly membership fees…

Why You’ll Never Date a Cougar on ANY Other Site

We wrote our honest, unbiased reviews about ALL 12 Cougar sites we tested out. That includes the 9 sites we KNOW are complete scams. If you spend your hard-earned money on any of these 9 sites, we can assure you that you won’t get laid unless you’re willing to bang a hooker. If you’re lucky, you might pull some 250-pound heffer.

When you read through our Negative Reviews section, you’ll understand exactly why men struggle to hookup with attractive older women on these sites. Although each site is different, the common theme is the women are nasty and fat or the profiles are fake/hookers/Escorts. The (few) attractive women on these dating sites that are real are almost never actively seeking men. They tend to sign-up, create a profile, and then disappear from the site if they don’t find what they’re looking for right away.

Then they move on to another dating site, hoping to find a better selection of men. Once a woman disappears from a dating site, there’s really no point in contacting her. She’ll never see your message. This is one of the biggest problems we had on the 9 lousy sites. There were always plenty of female members, but few worth wasting our time contacting.

So if you’re considering joining a site, consider using on the the best cougar dating sites instead of wasting your time on scam websites that aren’t legit!