Lounges VS Restaurants: The Cougar Dating Smackdown

I would guess that 95% of all first dates start at either a restaurant or a bar. Sure, there are other places you can take a date, but chances are you’re considering one of these 2 popular options. They each have positives and negatives, so let’s weigh the pros and cons and determine the best place to take a Cougar on a first date.

Dinner Date Pros

  • Long waits for a table and food to arrive provides a perfect opportunity to chat and get to know each other.
  • If the food is good, she’ll leave happy.
  • Laid back atmosphere, which makes for a comfortable evening.

Lounge Pros

  • No wait for tables, food and drink orders, or for food to arrive.
  • Easier to escape more quickly in the event your date is lame.
  • Easier to leave more quickly to take her back to your place.

Dinner Date Cons

  • Too much time spent waiting for a table, waiting for food, and eating.
  • More expensive than just going out for a couple of drinks.
  • Harder to go from date to bedroom.

Lounge Cons

  • Often too crowded and loud to hear each other speak.
  • If you drink too much, you’ll begin to act stupid.

Let’s Settle the Debate…

You’ve seen the pros and cons. Considering each of the factors listed above, taking her to a lounge is, far and away, the best first date option. Yes, a lounge can be loud and crowded. That’s why you take her AFTER dinner, before the bar becomes packed. Meet her there around 8:00 PM. Have 1-2 drinks, work your game, and get the hell out of there and back to your place.

You can find the best place to take a Cougar on a first date

You can find the best place to take a Cougar on a first date

Why am I opposed to dinner dates? Because they’re too time consuming and rarely result in getting laid. Eating a nice meal often wears us down physically. Dinner is usually the first stop before going home, but rarely the last. She’ll probably want to go have a couple of drinks after dinner. So why not just skip the dinner and meet for drinks?

Dinner dates

Dinner dates