Why Cougar-Dating-Guide.com Exists & How Our Readers Benefit

Getting laid by an attractive Cougar is quite the challenge. Think you can pull it off without knowing where to find a Cougar, what Cougars are looking for, and how to attract a Cougar? If you don’t fully understand these skills, we guarantee you will be wasting your time even trying to get laid. The ultimate goal of this website is to get you laid. In order for you to get laid, there are steps you must take. We created a Cougar dating guide to take you from Point A (horny guy clueless as to how to bang a Cougar) to Point B (having sex with a HOT Cougar). This is how we do that…

Why We’re Sharing Our PROVEN Tips With You

One of our good friends signed up for a Cougar dating site and got laid because of pure luck. He tried it again and failed. But he had a great time in the process because he nailed a smokin’ hot blond MILF. After sharing with us his story, we decided that hooking up with Cougars was something we wanted to try.

So we decided to give it a shot. Through trials and tribulations, we learned that there is a method that MUST be used in order to have success. You can’t rely on luck, like our friend did. Sure, it worked for him, but only one time. It’s better to use a proven strategy for attracting and hooking up with Cougars. We have discovered and perfected a strategy that works.

You might be asking yourself why we’re sharing this with you. After all, if we give out this advice, it will lower the number of women available for us since you’ll be using the same strategies on the same Cougar dating sites. That is true. But there are TONS of attractive women on the sites we recommend. We’re just 2 guys. There are only so many vaginas our penises can enter! Think of us as a couple of good Samaritans, giving you the advice you need to have your wildest (wet) dreams come true.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions!